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Independent Compliance Audits

Regulation 8 of the Money Laundering Regulation 2007, states that businesses must conduct ongoing monitoring procedures with their customers, the extent of which is determined using the risk based approach and must be applied in accordance with the risks that are assessed to be present in relation to the customer.

Ongoing independent monitoring procedures typically include thorough compliance audits, which are crucial when determining a client’s strengths and weaknesses. Any such weaknesses are then highlighted before they come to the attention of the regulators. This will assist a firm in managing their reputational risk and regulatory standing. Failing to implement the findings and recommendations highlighted in these audits can render the organisation unfit for future financial dealings.

Our expert auditors boast thorough, practical, hands on industry experience, providing you with a combination of both technical expertise and industry best practices. It is our goal to help with all your AML compliance needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The scope of our independent compliance reports include:
- A full review of the companies AML compliance programme;
- Testing of all AML Policy & Procedures (e.g. CDD, EDD, risk assessment & training);
- Transaction testing and evaluation;
- Review of past audit reports and their level of implementation; and
- IT software analysis; and much more.

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