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Policies & Procedures

Regulation 20 of the Money Laundering Regulation 2007 states, “A relevant person must establish and maintain appropriate and risk-sensitive policies and procedures relating to:
(a) Customer due diligence measures and ongoing monitoring;
(b) Reporting;
(c) Record-keeping;
(d) Internal control;
(e) Risk assessment and management; and
(f) The monitoring and management of compliance with, and the internal communication of, such policies and procedures.”

Monitoring compliance will assist you to assess whether the policies and procedures you have implemented are effective in forestalling money laundering and terrorist financing opportunities within your firm. When necessary, Financial Crime Consultants utilise our expertise to safeguard your financial institution from criminal abuse by tailoring procedures specific to your organisation, therein maintaining all relevant AML policies.

The scope of our Policies & Procedures includes;
- Tailor made AML procedures;
- Proposing various alternate solutions;
- Training on specifically chosen procedures;
- Ongoing operational support; and much more

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